Easing the burden
of property research for Appraisers

Propertyappraiser.com started in 1995 with you in mind.

As an assessor having centralized information is a key to unlock time management. With new internet technology we have created a working centralized hub for you to go out and grab any information quickly, create a worksheet for your appraisal, and minimize all the hassle of having to have 5 windows open at a time. Now we will give the power to the appraiser, spending less time searching mindlessly through cities and counties so you can spend your time wisely finishing your contracts on time and accurately.

Here we're going to quickly discuss the process to minimize the time in searching for what you need through county websites. Let's take the hypothetical situation where a real estate appraisal is asked to be performed on a building in an obscure city in Florida like, Perry and the county isn't made available with the initial forms and documents. Now it's up to the assesor to go to one of the many interactive maps of the US, find the city, or type the information into a search engine and wait to find out what county the city is in. Not a big hassle... Yet. But then comes those well-intended, poorly executed county websites that have to be surfed to find the information needed, clerk of court here – county appraiser/assesor there – GIS map to follow and before its done we have a hairless employee due to untimely stress trying to search and manage so many different websites that do anything but make the forms industry easy.

Keep your hair, go to our application, plug in the address where it says “Address, city, state or place” in gray lettering off to the right. You will be taken straight to that particular piece of real estate. Look over to the left hand side of the screen and click on the three bars, go to “Government Links” and it will have all of the pertinent website's to get the information you need, without having to search through all the red tape from Department of State to that particular County's Clerk of Court and everything in between. Now your employee's can start appraising right away going directly to the site needed, and stop professionally sifting through garbage to get to the pertinent information.

Stay tuned because we're not done yet, right now its just to cut down on the red tape and give you a few tools the counties tend to forget, like an area or distance calculator to determine something like unusable space. Propertyappraiser.com will be growing to become even more accurate for the appraisal industry, it will literally be a dynamic work sheet that after a particular search for a property through the county database has been completed, say the county ID for a property, it will be able to be pasted onto a worksheet keeping you out of the government websites and getting you into your reports better, faster, and more efficient.

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